Our Story

It all started with a few medical students who decided to gather people to do practical good in the community. Initially a university affiliated club, members visited needy families to help spruce up their gardens! As time passed we continued dreaming and took opportunities that came our way (and got bigger too!). All this led to IMAGINE now as we know it, a government- registered organization that continues to shape the face of our world, at home and abroad

Our Goal

To change the world – one heart at a time

We are a non-profit organization that that is committed to providing practical services to the disadvantaged, both at home and abroad.

Our Tenants

To Imagine

We like to think ourselves as a platform for ordinary people to brainstorm and plan for community service ideas that will impact the community

To Serve

Our programmes are “others” – focused and must eventuate in something that will tangibly help those in need

To Educate

We hope to enlighten volunteers about the plight of various less-privileged sectors of society, both through training and through the serving experience

Media Features

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